Thursday, 29 September 2011

Import and export companies, also known as international trade is one of the latest trends in the business of this decade. europe Companies Trade with more than 2.5 trillion dollars a year in merchandising, where small companies control over 95 percent. As the owner of an import-export, you can work as a distributor with a focus on exports and imports of goods and services that can meet the national territory (for example, Russian caviar and French perfumes) or those that are less expensive when imported from other countries.

Also, you can open an european resellers which can help the company's existing markets for their products in a foreign country for the organization of transport and storage of products for them, without making any sales real. EMCS may specialize in one industry or working with different types of export and import manufacturers. It is also possible to act as an agent of a company working in the commission of actual sales.

This is a wide range of products that are guaranteed to sell due to high demand, or an established brand. While virtually all countries can provide opportunities for import and export, Canada, Mexico, Japan and China topped the table in exchange for the last two decades. In recent years, the countries of the former Soviet Union and South America have become important players, but there is still much to learn about the trade in europe markets.Opening of the import-export requires an initial investment of $ 5,000 or more, depending on the type of property, unless you create a market, but also because it will work at home or office rent , hiring employees, etc.

Compared to other companies, however, import-export has a very low startup cost. While most products are exported without a license, specialty products and high-risk items such as firearms or drugs require special approval from the government. In this case, costs can run much higher. Start may be prudent to consult the local Council of Trade (trade or small towns) or call the embassies and consulates to determine if programs are established import-export. Many embassies are not even a special department to promote exports of their products in other countries and are more than happy to help any trader import-export.